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Saturday, October 9, 2010

Leading Up to Your Supervisor

Being a leader doesn’t always mean being the one in charge. Leadership can happen throughout all levels of the organization chart. Leadership isn't about power, it's about influence. Someone who knows how to Influence others and lead them to follow their guidance and direction a a leader.

Traditionally, we think of leaders who lead or influence those who are positioned below them. While this is often the case, leadership can actually occur in all directions. A true leader will know how to influence those who work alongside them as well as those who work above them.

Knowing how to influence your supervisor involves some strategic leadership skills. The one who is positioned to lead you will not be swayed easily. This idea is often referred to as leading up or upward leadership.

If you want to lead up to your supervisor, then you must always:
  • Give them respect
  • Demonstrate integrity
  • Include them on important information
  • Take initiative
Click here for more steps to take to gain influence with your leaders: Upwards Leadership: Leading Up to Your Leader

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