Friday, October 8, 2010

Job Evaluation

Edwin B. Flippo once said, "Job evaluation is a systematic and orderly process of determining the worth of a job in relation to other jobs." Job evaluation analyzes and assesses the jobs systematically to find out their relative worth in a organization. Job evaluation is conducted on the basis of their contents and are arranged important-wise.

Why is job evaluation important? It's important because it helps to prepare wage differentials among different jobs. Job evaluation is an exercise to rank jobs and not job holders. Job evaluation has wide scope and it is used globally. It is relevant to all jobs and organizations. Job evaluation is done before the appointment of employees. Job evaluation is not compulsory but voluntary to the organizations. Organization that opt for job evaluation can appoint internal and external experts on the committee. The factors considered for job evaluation are: responsibility, qualification, experience, working conditions and so on.

How can job evaluation benefit your organization? What steps can you take to put job evaluation into practice? Click here to read more about Job Evaluation.

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