Friday, October 8, 2010

Servant Leader Concepts

The idea of being a servant leader is very counter-intuitive and counter-cultural. Instead we are conditioned by society and culture to do whatever it takes to succeed and get ahead. We can see examples of leaders looking out for number one in our history books, on the news, and in many of our movie choices. The quest for power, authority, and success however is not the only way. There’s a better way to lead.

There’s a different idea and concept called servant leadership. A servant leader is called to serve the ones he leads. A servant leader knows that leadership is not about controlling people; it’s not about being boss; and it's not about holding on to territory,

That’s the type of leader that I would want to follow. That’s the type of leader that I strive to become. This hub outlines a plan to put servant leadership concepts into action. What can you do to become a more effective servant leader? Click here to read more about Leadership Development: Servant Leader Concepts.

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