Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Top 5 Steps to Build Leaders

Leadership development isn’t only about the development of the leader. Leadership development is about building a team for success. A wise leader understands that his effectiveness as a leader will only extend as far as his influence. By building up leaders instead of acquiring followers, a leader will be able to multiply his influence and effectiveness.

How can a leader create an environment for other leaders to succeed? Creating a healthy leadership environment for your team will take some intentionality on your part. You’ll have to work at building their leadership development and inspiring them to want to improve and succeed. While this will take both hard work and resources, the results will be worth the effort.

Try putting these top 5 steps into practice:
  1. Identify key players who catch the vision of the organization
  2. Create leadership development programs for growth
  3. Coach emerging leaders one on one
  4. Give your new leaders an outlet to exercise their leadership skills
  5. Train your leaders to build up a leadership team under them
Read Building a Team of Leaders for more information and helpful guidelines in creating a leadership environment and building a team of leaders. Start expanding your influence today.

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